Authors: Johann Bussemacher (mentioned in 1580–1613)
Matthias Quad (1557–1613)
Technique:copper engraving
Dimensions:19.60 × 24.40 cm

The authorship of a very rare map of Lithuania – a smaller transformation of G. Mercator’s map of Lithuania – is attributed to map-maker, engraver and typographer Johann Bussemacher (mentioned in 15801613) and publisher Lambert Andreas. It was first issued in the book Kronn und Aussbundet aller Wegweiser... (Cologne, Lambert Andreas, 1597) and later reissued twice more. On the reverse side of the map there is a short description of Vilnius, the capital of the GDL, and the distances from it to the nearest large cities are provided.

Source: Valiunas Ellex (LAWIN until 2015) art album: LITUANIA IN ATLANTIBUS (2011). Text author Algimantas Muzikevičius